Windows Server 2003 end of life

On July 14th 2015 Microsoft will officially classify Microsoft Windows Server 2003 as EOL (end of life) and there will be no support available for the product. Whilst the system is not exactly going to spontaneously combust instantly (ah the memories of the Y2K panics), it does mean that anyone that continues to run Server 2003 […]

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Top Tips for Relocating your Office in 2015

Relocating your office can seem a very daunting task with much to consider, however when done properly the benefits can far outweigh the negatives. The most important thing when approaching the decision and the move itself is to ensure the whole task is approached with clarity, a team of people to manage specific tasks, and […]

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Mobile Coverage when Moving Office

Thinking about moving office?  Have a list as long as your arm of things you need to do/check/arrange before you move? Is checking your mobile/network coverage on that list? Don’t worry if it isn’t, most of us never think about it; we just take for granted that there will be a signal in our new […]

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Remote Working in the Festive Period

The Festive season is nearly upon us!  As you begin to plan the office party don’t forget to plan how your business will continue to run over the festive period. What is your plan for snow or bad weather meaning your employees can’t get into the office? How will you cope over the Christmas period […]

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An MOT for your IT

Everywhere you look there are computers/systems/gadgets, and nowadays you’d be hard pressed to get through the day without the use of technology.  We rely on technology in everything we do but how can we ensue our computers/gadgets/systems are always running to their full capacity?  Here are our 5 top tips for this: Tip 1 -Regularly […]

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Child Online Safety

“My child spends a lot of time online.  How can I really know what they are being exposed to?  Can I be sure they are safe while they are surfing the net?  How can I protect them?” Do these thoughts often run through your mind while your child is engrossed in the online world? We […]

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New look, new website!

At JFLS we love the start of the new school year…it’s all about new beginnings, the seasons are changing and so we thought this would be a great time to launch our new look website We’d also love to hear what you think? Get in touch Also, be sure to Follow us and Link […]

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Nowadays you may hear people are talking about “phishing”, safe to say they’re not talking about what comes with chips and mushy peas. In the online era, phishing is the equivalent of the Artful Dodger wandering the streets trying to relieve you of your hard-earned possessions or money – of course, nowadays this isn’t physical […]

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