Virtualisation is effectively software that resides between hardware and operating systems that allows multiple operating systems to co-exist within one hardware environment.

Our highly qualified team of technical engineers install, pro-actively monitor and fully support virtualised environments, providing a rapid response guarantee to all technical issues and regular transparent reporting on systems performance.

Desktop Virtualisation – previously restricted by security concerns, desktop virtualisation allows workers the freedom to work from any location whether connected to the Internet or not. With advanced remote encryption this means Desktop Virtualisation is the ideal secure mobile workplace solution, and with the desktop being, at least partly, replaced by mobile devices – smart phones and tablets – the proliferation of devices and therefore the applications required to service each means that there is currently many types of devices to manage, each with their own app version.  Let us assist you with the set-up and management of these solutions and devices.

Server Virtualisation – essentially a resource pooling approach that makes smarter use of existing infrastructure and reduces the overheads of new servers.   Advances made have meant that organisations of all types can benefit from virtualised infrastructure and desktop environments in a way that truly becomes a business enabler.   At JFLS we will assist your business with the set-up of virtualised server environments.

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To discuss your IT requirements, or for more information, get in touch.

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