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There is so much to consider when moving office, but mostly important are you IT and Telecoms systems because they are such crucial resources for your business, so it is essential that there is continuity of supply of these functions during your move.

Our technical team brings years of experience in IT moves and installation projects, providing a bespoke service to suit your needs.  Whether you are moving a few PC’s or a whole company to a new location, we have the knowledge and experience of working with every size business.

Key areas of IT & Technology that we will support you with during an office move:

IT & Telecoms – we use a comprehensive checklist framework, which is assigned a Project Manager, who will manage and advise on your IT and Telecoms requirements.

Broadband & Internet Connectivity – one of the key factors in a move is continuity of connectivity to the internet, and staff being able to access their systems immediately.

Servers – when moving your servers into your new locations or your new data centre, our team can provide a package designed around the technical and transfer side of the project.

Office cabling – we will be sure to factor in all cabling needs, and we can advise on and support your business with the following requirements for: Voice & Data Cabling & Wireless Communications.

In addition to our IT services relating to an office move, we offer a comprehensive Moving Office services, including finding premises, office interiors and fit – for further information, please visit

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