Remote Working

Remote working St Albans and Watford specialists, enabling modern businesses that relies increasingly on a workforce which is constantly connected to email and the applications held on the corporate network.

The ability to use office-based files and email applications whilst mobile is imperative in keeping your workforce productive whilst on the move. We offer a range of solutions and support to mobilise your workforce without compromising the security of your data including:

  • BYOD and Collaboration Solutions – collaboration tools for dispersed organisations to supplement traditional communication methods, including on-line conferencing.
  • Remote desktop – access to your PC environment including all the applications that run on the office network.
  • File level VPN – access to the office network from remote locations directly to the files stored on your office based servers.
  • Security token based VPN authentication – removing the security vulnerabilities associated with static VPN authentication passwords.
  • Mobile solutions – enabling mobile handsets to synchronise calendars, email and contacts fully with your Exchange mail system.
  • Microsoft Exchange configuration – to enable the use of Outlook across the Internet without the need for VPN.

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